Great early education for the children of Missoula!

Because education comes first at Honeybear Daycare Center, all of our programming options center around a fun, stimulating, and educational environment.  We gear all of our lessons to the right ages and development levels for your children, working to develop their motor skills, language skills, emotional and cognitive development, and more. Our caring staff fully understands that each child has his or her own unique abilities, and we work on responding to those individual learning styles to boost their strengths and interest while working on areas that need improvement.

Our mission is to provide quality educational service to the children and families of Missoula, Montana. We strive to give parents more than they expect when they enroll their children at Honeybear Daycare Center. We have several educational opportunities for your children. Licensed by the state of Montana for children ages 2 to 8, Honeybear Daycare offers in additional to our daily childcare program:

  • Preschool education
  • Before and after school childcare programming
  • Summer programming
  • Engaging, entertaining extracurricular activities and field trips
  • Daily playground activities (weather permitting)

Honeybear Daycare Center also takes field trips to local events and points of interest. Parents and families are always encouraged to join us!

Honeybear Daycare Center also participates in the USDA Food Program and provides approved nutritious meals at breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack-time. All of our meals are served family-style. Mealtime affords a unique opportunity for the children to experience fellowship while practicing their table manners and etiquette.

Educational extracurricular activities, field trips, and fun

Interactive Musical Sessions

Twice a month, Tangled Tones Music Studio’s Matthew Nord, visits Honeybear Daycare with fun educational music classes. His music program teaches children musical beats, patterns, and rhythm by singing songs and playing a variety of instruments during each session. These interactive music classes entertain the kids while keeping them active in the learning experience! Matt holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Montana and has over ten years of experience in private music lessons and children’s music education.


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Taekwondo with Mr. James

We’ll keep your children energized with stretching, exercise, and age-modified Taekwondo from Mr. James of Championship Training. Every week, Mr. James Corbin visits to keep the children active. His lessons teach self-control, respect, and a variety of age-appropriate self-defense moves like blocking and kicking. With these exciting physical activities, your kids will discover the joy of exercise and stretching. In addition, they will learn to count in Korean and learn common words and phrases.

Scholarship opportunities available!

Through the state of Montana’s Best Beginnings Program, Honeybear Daycare Center is happy to offer childcare scholarship opportunities to eligible families. Early education is important and should be accessible to children of all abilities, income levels, and more. We encourage you to fill out an application and apply for these childcare scholarship opportunities.